Can I make an exchange?

Need to make an exchange? No problem. Our policy is as easy as filing out this form here. Simply fill out your exchange form with your order number and item you would like to exchange and a customer service representative will contact you via email or phone to help you complete the exchange process. You have 21 days from the date of your order to process any exchange or return. 

How does the exchange process work? 

Once you have filled out your exchange process form you will be contacted by a customer care representative to help you complete the exchange. A new order will be processed and you will be charged at this tine. You will receive your new merchandise with free shipping within the continental United States. Once your exchange is received and processed we will email you a refund notification. 

Can I exchange or return items from different orders in the same box? 

You may return merchandise from multiple orders as long as you include the order numbers for each item inside of the box. 

What shipping carrier should I use to process my returns? 

You are welcome to use the shipping carrier of your choice. We recommend that you use the return carrier that we provide. If you prefer to use our own carrier of choice please make sure that your return has tracking and insurance coverage. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for packages returned without our shipping carrier or for packages that are lost or stolen in transit. Our carrier services will cover any loss or damage to your returns. 

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