Organizing Your Desktop!

Ok so we all have the messy drawers that can get out of hand. We're good at being pretty sneaky and hiding them from ourselves and others... but what about our desktop? I chose this layout because it is literally the same desk, computer and accessories I own. Well not the rug but I thought it gave it a nice touch. ;)

So let's break this organization dilemma down into categories.

1. Essentials

2. Aesthetics

3. Practicality


What do we REALLY need out on our desk?? I'll tell you. We need a computer, if not you probably wouldn't be able to read my blog right now. We need a phone, which I am missing in this illustration but in my defense, most people now a days, are glued to their cel phones. We need a filing system. Especially if you are an obsessive scanner like me. I scan every single receipt we have every had. Every document. Even my children's artwork, birthday cards, etc. I use neat works as an online platform and have moved over to scannable. An app created by Evernote which is free to download and is kind of amazing. Watch it in action below. Here is a link to download.


Ok yes. I am totally guilty of falling for that adorable set of organizing files from target... They are all pink I tell myself. You need them I tell myself. All 250 of them... Then reality sets in... This borderlines a bit into practicality but the point is there is an amazing amount of cute stuff out there. You need to commit. At least for a year. Goals... No really. Think out it. Every decision you make, Every purchase you make adds additional real estate space to that beautiful desk and before you know it that gorgeous pottery barn desk you bought is littered in, well a beautiful collection of hoarded files, paper clips, scissors, note pads, pens... Let's not forget the pen and pencil epidemic.. "but Monique they were so cute.. they make me happy"... Yeah, I've heard that one before. You all know who you are. So pick a theme. Pick a color scheme. Stick with it. If need be make a list. A numerical list. 10 Pens, 5 folders, 1 stapler, etc. Stick with it and you will be on your way to beautifying your desk!


I know... It's not a word we want to hear. Like ever. Although hear me out. In the long run you can redirect yourself in a different sort of project. Say losing 10 pounds, mastering the art of sushi making. You choose. To be cluttered and impractical is taking up your time. That is the god's honest truth. Figure of what you REALLY need, come up with a plan and stick with it. People who are practical are much less anxious than unpractical people. Their lives are like so much easier. I find for the most part, practicality tends to naturally exist more in mens personalities... Example below.

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