Preppy & Chic, "In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic

I'm a huge fan of preppy anything... In fact I was nominated "most preppy" in my high school. That's right. This whole love for fashion and girly thing has been pretty much with me since the day I was born. LOVE IT. Now here's the thing. Without you even realizing it, the choices you are making are no accident. You are practically being stylized by like really incredibly talented and smart fashion marketers, designers and merchandisers.

Take exhibit A above for example. This is my interpretation of preppy chic, right now, with a twist of glam rock that is currently trending. Ripped jeans, ears climbers, all the rage right now. Not everything the industry subconsciously hints our way is necessarily appealing to us all.

Example. Chokers are back and I'm not a fan. I feel like we are somehow being transported to Casual Corner's 80's/90's retail store and somewhere in between that, we are channeling Kelly from Beverly Hills 90210. Now I know not everyone gets uncomfortable in a room full of velvet chokers, (but I do..)

My point being, the fashion industry will provide you with an array of fashion trends season after season. Trends will be trends, It's your style that will dictate what you ultimatly wear. How you will present your self to the world.

"Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you make of it"

Such simple yet incredibly profound words. Truth be told, we will not always be fans of this or that seasons latest trends but we will be who we are. Are you a Lululemon suburban Mom? Are you a single someone in their 20's living in Brooklyn or even better "the NEW Harlem?"Maybe a bit grungy? Maybe a bit of a hipster? Comment below and tell us what your personal style is!

Whatever the case may be, enjoy. The fashion industry is there for our choosing. Choose away! Wear whatever you want. Wear it proud!

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