Now I know my ABC's! Alphabet Birthday Party Design

As Emily's first birthday party was fast approaching, we wanted to incorporate color, texture and glam into this divas first party! My inspiration came when I found these adorable alphabet flash cards at Simply Baby's and Kids. The large alphabet flash cards lined the dining room wall and acted as a backdrop. They contrasted nicely with the maroon colored walls. I pulled out colors from the cards and incorporated them into the decorations.

It didn't take long before I began finding adorable ABC themed materials to create custom made accessories for this special day. (I will include links below for these materials.)

I handmade the cupcake toppers, alphabet blocks, searched for the perfect fabric, to make the perfect tablecloths and carefully selected the paper patterns for the triangle banners that were lined by turquoise ribbon.

At Joanne's fabric store I found baby pink tulle and created an enormous tutu for the buffet table.

Below are instructions on how to make a no sew tutu table skirt out of tulle fabric!!

The Invitation:

EV is for Emily Vera

I found this vintage print of this little baby and it looked just like our Emily! See the slideshow below of the birthday girl running around in the backyard and see if you can see a resemblance!

The Cake

I had a 10" round cake made at our local baker and provided him with the confetti sprinkles. There is a link below for those who have amazon prime. (I love amazon prime.. it is so easy to get everything I could possibly need delivered for free directly to my doorstep!) If not, alternately you can find them at many local grocery stores or your local party supply store.

Here is a helpful chart which shows you exactly how large you need to have your cake made, depending on your party size.

Edible Confetti Sprinkles

Party Favors

I found these adorable animal inspired favor baskets at Michaels craft store. (They appear to have sold out so I will include an alternate link below)

I inserted large marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey milk chocolate squares inside of the favor baskets so the kids would have a little s'mores treat to take home! (They were delicious and the Moms and kids loved them!)

Additionally, to keep with the alphabet theme, I had my Cricut machine cut various size shapes in different colors and overlapped them with double sided tape. I found these simple white adhesive letter stickers and placed them on each favor basket.

White foam alphabet stickers

Cricut Machine

Cricut Circle Cut Out Shapes

Cricut Machine Link

If you find yourself on a smaller budget and don't feel you need to fiddle with a complex machine, Fiskars template shapes may be the perfect solution for you. They last forever and all you need to do is trace out the desired shape and cut the desired paper or fabric. Here is a link to a very simple Fiskars template on amazon. There are however many different shapes and sizes to choose from.

Fiskars Template Amazon Prime

I'm not finished yet! One more alternative is investing in a few simple paper shape cutters. They can be easily found at Michaels craft store or purchased online. This will be by far the easiest form of paper shaping and cutting you will find. Best for those who are not entirely comfortable fiddling with machines or scissors. ;)

Lever Punch Circle

Favor Baskets Alternative Amazon Prime

No Sew TuTu Tulle Table Skirt


  • The desired table, buffet or furniture you want to design a tutu tulle skirt around.

  • Tulle (any color you choose). You will need a lot of tulle. I bought over 50 yards from Joann fabric store. (measure the circumference of your furniture and buy at least 5 times more tulle in width so that you can create beautiful ruffles.

  • Scissors

  • Sewing Pins (500+)

  • Thread to match your tulle (If you so desire)

  • 1 or more ribbons. You can use two different kinds and/or colors. I used the same turquoise ribbon on the outside of the tulle skirt.

  • Flexible Measuring Tape


Start by having enough room to circulate around the desired furniture. If need be, pull the furniture away from the wall. Place a tablecloth on top of the furniture. I used a plain white table cloth but you can use any color you would like. They can be purchased for less than $10 online. Here is a link below with a large size that can be cut to fit your piece, however you can use whatever size works best for this project.

White Table Cloth 126" by 60"

Matte Tulle Fabric 55"

Now here is the tricky part. The tulle is actually going to be pretty heavy, relatively speaking. Fold the tulle in half length wise. You will need a lot of room to lay the tulle out to be able to fold it over. Depending on the measurements of your fabric, this illustration only demonstrates the fold, however the horizontal length will be very long.

Next create fold pleats with your hands along your entire tulle fabric and pin the folds down one at a time. (You pins should be facing downward to hold the tulle in place with the tablecloth.) Here is an illustration below of what a pleat fold looks like. Your goal is not to achieve a perfect fold. In fact the messier the pleat the better. You want the pleats to simply gather at the fabric where the pins are bring placed.

Now you can continue to pin the folds down the entire circumference of your table until it is complete. (Remember you will be using hundreds of pins to do this so be careful with your fingers!) See the figure below.

Pin along the dotted line through the tulle fabric onto the table cloth. Be careful not to scratch your table or furniture with the end of the pins. HINT (Use the first round of pins sparkly around the table so that you can easily move the tulle fabric pleats in a different position if you find you have too much or too little fabric in one place) This will take patience but it's worth it. These pins will literally be holding up the tulle to the tablecloth.

Last but not least, once all pins are in place and you are happy with positioning, add a ribbon or additional tulle any way you would like around the circumference of your furniture. Notice how I used turquoise ribbon and then braided extra tulle in and out of the ribbon to create random and uneven drapes of fabric. These drapes and the ribbon will act as a cover for the hundreds of pins you have in place.

Cupcake Toppers

I used the cricut machine to cut out the scallop rectangles in different sizes and placed these adhesive letters on each cupcake topper. I used toothpicks in between the layers and sandwiched them together with double sided tape. There is a link below for the pink adhesive letters.

Alphabet Stickers, Epoxy with Rhinestones - Pink

Cricut Cupcake Wrappers

I used the cricut machine and printed out these moroccan tile shaped cupcake wrappers pictured below in different colors. Cricut has dozens of cupcake wrapper options, which can be purchased in a bundle or individually.

Cricut Cupcake Wrapper Digital Set

Cricut Paper Cutter

Trix Crispy Treats Recipe


  • 10 Cups of Trix Cereal

  • 1/4 Cup of Butter

  • 1 Bag Mini Marshmallows

Microwave Instructions

  • Add marshmallows and butter to a microwave safe bowl and heat for about 2 to 3 minutes or until melted. (be sure to keep an eye on the bowl after 1 minute to make sure you are not burning your ingredients)

  • Remove from microwave and stir ingredients well.

  • Add the 10 cups of Trix cereal to mixture and stir until all ingredients are evenly covered.

  • Place ingredients into a large greased pan. (depending on the height you are trying to achieve you can use different pan sizes. I recommend 9 by 13 or 11 by 11)

  • Cut carefully into desired rectangles, squares or desired shape.

  • Chill and serve!

Alphabet Wooden Blocks

These alphabet wooden blocks are so easy to make! Simply place the wooden block on the side of the paper that will be glued against the wood. (this way you will not show any pencil marks on the outside of your blocks) Trace out the paper with the wooden block, cut and glue it onto the wood, You can also use double sided tape.

Below is an example of the paper pad that I purchased at Michaels for this project. The choices are endless. You can choose the pattern and color scheme that matches your party. I then added a few more shapes I made with my cricut machine and placed them on each side of the wooden block.

Paper Pad By Recollections

Unfinished Wood Blocks - 2 by 2 inches

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