Beach please... Take me to the sea..

With summer just around the corner, here are some inspirational beach house goals! Whether you live on the coast or are trying to bring a touch of oceanic beauty into your home, you can find inspiration below. Nautical accessories, intertwined with suttle touches of blues, whites and turquoise can transport any home into a relaxing coastal getaway! The perfect beach house must have the following items:

1) A seriously comfortable couch

2) You gotta have blue (Blue is the new black)

3) A sea view of course!

4) Every beach house needs an outdoor shower (you can easily get one installed!)

5) Room for guests

6) Outdoor fire pit

7) Outdoor lounge chairs on porch overlooking the ocean

8) Cozy throws and comfy pillows to coordinate with said lounge chairs

9) A ceiling fan in every room, so to allow the ocean breeze to swiftly move throughout the house

10) Plenty of good books, game boards and movies on hand for rainy ocean days!

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