Pink & Cream Girls Nursery Room Design

Bratt Decor Distressed White Crib

When we first moved into this house I thought, what an adorable little girls bedroom. Although, with time I realized I had to make it our own. I took a trip down to Sao Paulo, Brazil when I was six months along, as my closest friends were planning a Brazilian baby shower. (Yes we had an American baby shower too!) I spent the week I was down there shopping for our new arrival, finding the most adorable little outfits and finding inspiration for her nursery decor. One thing about Brazil, as with many other countries, is that the decor options are not as mainstream as they are in the US. So we don't just shop at Baby's R Us. We shop at specialized boutiques who cater to unique and/or one of a kind nursery designs.

Nursery Before - Slideshow

Previously, the nursery was painted in a greige wall color. (That is a grey/green tone). Chalkboards and white picket fences, with accent

flowers covered the walls. I decided to freshen up the room by painting it in, Benjamin Moore's Cotton Balls and one accent wall was painted in, Benjamin Moore's Pink Peony. The remainder of the nursery showcases accents in cream, pink and black detailing.

Changing Table & Pad

Mirrored Dresser Converted Into Changing Table - Link

I converted this mirrored chest of drawers into a changing table. I needed to customize the changing pad because the dimensions of the depth was limited to 14". I sourced a standard changing pad at Baby's R Us. I then found this ultra plush baby pink fabric with rosette embossing at Joann's fabric store and sewed a cover for the changing pad. I also sewed suction cups to the bottom of the changing pad so that it would remain in place during use. Additionally, I used the left over fabric to make a little pillow for decorations and created a seat and back cushion cover for a vintage rocking chair which belonged to my Mother.

Hospital Name Sign - Slideshow

Here in the U.S it is not only common practice but practically a requirement to have a name sign on the wall of your babies nursery. Between monograms and san serif fonts bedazzled with jewels, every nursery must have a name sign. The Brazilians however take it to a whole new level. They have a custom made hospital name sign, that is so elaborate some of them even light up! (See slideshow above)

Hygiene Kit

A nursery hygiene kit consists of necessary essentials beautifully displayed, acting as a decorative and functional piece of the room. Nurseries in Brazil, dedicate a special area consisting of cotton balls, warm water, q-tips, hand sanitizer and anyting else on hand you may need during the changing process. The thing is, the area in which we are cleaning our little darlings, needs to not only be beautiful and stylish but functional and chemical free. We find warm cotton balls to be much less harsh on a babies skin then some of the chemically packed baby wipes we are so accustomed to in the States. Obviously I use baby wipes, especially when I'm out and about, but it's comforting to know, that baby is experiencing a soothing chemical free experience at home.

I decided to personalize the nursery hygiene kit by using a sterling silver set that belonged to my grandmother. Once again, silver in a babies room is just... well gorgeous. You may already have some beautiful family heirlooms that you never even thought could be of use to you!

Hygiene Kit Examples - Slideshow

Wave mouse here for English translation.

Crib Bedding

I cannot rave enough about restoration hardwares nursery decor and quality. I purchased this bedskirt in pink petal. It is made of washed satin and just drapes effortlessly along the floor. It acts both functionally, keeping dust away from the bottom of the crib and aesthetically, which for any nursery is a must!

Additionally, I also purchased the fitted mattress cover from restoration hardware baby. The pattern below is sold out, however they have various styles which are similar and in tons of patterns and colors. I also must say that the quality is undeniable. Wash after wash, they still look brand new. I purchased a solid light pink and cream to keep on hand between crib changes or any unexpected accidents! (Also do not forget to always have a waterproof mattress cover underneath the mattress sheet set!)

Crib Sheets Restoration Hardware Baby

Sheepskin Rug Ivory

Sheepskin Rug Ivory

A sheepskin rug is a perfect choice for a nursery because it is hypoallergenic, gorgeous, organic and easy to wash in the machine with a simple solution made for sheepskin. Plus babies love to lie around on a rug like this, as it is soft and doesn't irritate their skin. The perfect nursery rug choice! Additionally, it is an accessory that is extremely versatile and can later be used in different parts of the house!

Glenna Jean Crib Mobile

Glenna Jean carries a line of baby bedding decor which is absolutely gorgeous. I chose these dancing teddy bear ballerina's with a calming lullaby sound, to grace the sky's view out of the bratt decor crib. Additionally, you can purchase this arm cover, which I think adds an additional touch to the elegance of this mobile.

Glenna Jean Crib Mobile

Diaper Changing Pad Inspiration - Slideshow

As I mentioned above, all accessories and design choices made in Brazil are unique and handpicked by the mother. Planning your babies nursery in Brazil is an experience all in itself. You enjoy a relaxing day out with your friends, while you are served a nice warm tea by very attentive sales consultants. You take your time selecting just the perfect fabric and color scheme that your little one will be gracefully soil within seconds of feeding. (Although that is another story entirely!) Notice how the changing pad is much larger than we we are accustomed to in the U.S and how it is covered in a plastic enclosure for easy and sterile cleaning. (Brazilians are big on cleanliness)

Choosing the perfect color scheme and design for a babies nursery, or any room for that matter, is a process and should be an enjoyable experience. We are never just limited to finding inspiration from large retailers but from all around us. Maybe a trip abroad will fill your mind with creativity and ideas. Maybe a trip to a museum, a coastal sea side town, or a rustic hike up a beautiful mountain will open your eyes to the color choices and design inspiration that live all around us. This world is a beautiful place and inspiration can be found in the most obvious or the least likely places. We just need to keep our eyes open to the endless possibilities!

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